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1. How long will it take to repair my car?

The duration of repairs to your vehicle is dependent on a number of issues. Once an estimate is compiled it will need to be authorised by your insurer. This can take a matter of hours or a few days, if there is a  query on the claim or if there is any doubt as to the financial value of your vehicle. The availability of parts will also affect this. Most parts normally arrive within 48 hours

2. What do I have to pay?

    a) You will have to pay your insurance excess, using guaranteed funds. If you have a courtesy car you will be responsible for payment of any fine incurred, such as bus lane infringements, parking etc, late return, or any damage caused to the vehicle whilst it is in your care.

    b) If you are VAT registered you will need to pay the VAT element of the claim upon completion of the work, using guaranteed funds.

    c) Any contribution which the insurance company may charge i.e. this could be for replacement of exhausts, tyres or any other parts which need to be replaced but could be said to be part-worn before the accident

3. What can I do if the insurance company decides that any of the damage which is on the car is not accident related, and I query this?

We can only undertake the work approved by the insurance company's engineer. Any unrelated damage which you require us to repair would be subject to a separate invoice. If you are unhappy with the insurance engineer's decision, you would need to contact your insurance company immediately.

4. Is the courtesy car covered by my own insurance?

Yes. The courtesy car is covered by your insurance  and the same conditions would apply, e.g. in the event of a claim for damage to the courtesy car the  insurance excess would be payable on that, as well as on your own car.

This would include any damage to the windscreen or bodywork. You are also responsible for any damage to tyres or other items which you would not normally be covered by under your insurance policy.


5. What should I do in the case of a break-down of the courtesy car.

You should telephone us. there may also be a card under the driver's visor with a warranty telephone number on it.

6. Are there any other charges and conditions if I use the car?

There is no charge for the courtesy car unless any damage should occur whilst in your care, or it is not returned when requested by us. All our cars use unleaded petrol and no refund is raised in respect of fuel.

The vehicle is subject to a pre-delivery inspection, but you must check oil, water, lights etc

You may not use the courtesy car for holidays, courses or extended travel. Any requests for an extension of the usual loan conditions is always considered on its merits.  An excess mileage charge may apply.

7. Can I choose when I have my car delivered?

We provide an indication of morning or afternoon delivery when collecting a damaged car or re-delivery after repair. The courtesy car must be available  within the stipulated time-scale.


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